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Playa Famara

Once you have walked past the last buildings most people on the beach have been nude whenever we've been here. You can walk nude for a long way north from here. The sea can be rough at times, at other times it is fairly calm, but bear in mind it is known as a surfers beach. There are rock shelters at the back of the beach if it gets windy where it is comfortable to sunbathe nude.

Playa Quemada Beach

Most other people at this beach have been nude when we've been there. It is a great place to relax and enjoy a naked day at the beach.

Fairlight Glen

We use it regularly for nude recreation as we are locals. It is a 25 min walk through a country park and woods from the nearest parking spots. There are very few paths down from the cliffs that back the beach so once you are there it is possible to be nude along a few miles of beach. The beach is a mix of shingle, rocks and sand at low tide; what you find is very dependant on recent weather and tides. We know of no other similar-sized area in England which you can explore so freely while naked. If we hadn't already been nudists before going there, we would be after a first visit. It is 100% natural, you can't get more natural than enjoying it while naturally naked.
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